Help to Orphans (H2O) is a Christian organization based in Finland. They primarily work with children in Thailand. CHF has been privileged to help them with a few of their goals!

H2O started a school for children of Burmese war refugees who weren’t allowed to attend Thai schools. Since these children are spread out, they needed a better way to get to school. We’ve purchased for them a vehicle just for this purpose. CHF was able to buy school uniforms to enable Thai orphans in H2O’s care to attend public school. We were also excited to support their orphanage’s evangelistic Christmas program and provide practical Christmas gifts for these children and others in the area.

ryuka Blanket for orphans Present for our youth group Jpeg


Pastor Gum San alerted us to a group of 70 young refugees who he believes are at a high risk to be pulled into prostitution or other dangerous situations. They had no food, no place to live, and no local connections. His hard work and CHF funds set up a place of safety for six months to find jobs in Thailand or make other plans.