Our first and most expansive area of ministry has been in Andhra Pradesh, India. What started as assistance to children in an orphanage has changed to helping all kinds of people in the area survive and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

This is an area of the world where many people struggle to access clean drinking water. We’ve put much of our effort to helping people acquire this very basic necessity of life by digging 50 wells in India.

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Medical problems that are tackled quickly or simply don’t exist in the western world ruin many lives in India. Since polio can take many people’s ability to walk, we’ve bought wheelchairs to give them freedom. Many stricken with leprosy are abandoned by their families, so we supply some with food and clothing. Cleft palates are more common and require difficult surgeries, which Smile Train provides. The trip is prohibitively expensive for many people and we love to help them.

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Many of our projects have been fulfilled by Pastor Samuel and other pastors that he knows that live in poorer areas nearby. They’re our eyes, hands, and feet, and we’re grateful for all they’ve done.